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Waynesville Spartan Lacrosse Club

New Players

Welcome to the Waynesville Lacrosse Club website!

Lacrosse Equipment Rules and Skills
Equipment is the responsibility of each player, and not provided by the Waynesville Lacrosse Club.  For a comprehensive and very useful newcomer's guide to Lacrosse, please click here

US Lacrosse Affiliation
The Waynesville Lacrosse Club is sanctioned by US Lacrosse. All players, coaches, and officials must be registered with US Lacrosse to play for the Waynesville Lacrosse Club. US Lacrosse Membership includes waiver of risk and insurance for all sanctioned activities, to include practices, games, and tournaments. US Lacrosse Membership fees are not included in your Club Fees and are not refundable. You will purchase (or renew) your player's US Lacrosse Membership at the time of registration.  Information about US Lacrosse membership can be found at 

  • If your player's US Lacrosse Membership is valid through the end of the season, you will not be required to renew.
  • If your player does not have a US Lacrosse Membership, you will be required to purchase one.
  • If your player's US Lacrosse Membership expires prior to the end of the season, you will be required to renew the existing membership.
  • US Lacrosse Membership fees are non-refundable and are seperate from Registration fees specific to the Waynesville Lacrosse Club.

Players are required to wear Waynesville Lacrosse Club uniforms for every game.  Uniforms fees are collected through Waynesville Lacrosse Club registration fees.  All players will be getting new uniforms for Spring 2022 season.

Registration fees are typically not refunded, and handled on a case by case basis based on extenuating circumstances.  The Waynesville Lacrosse Club incurs expenses long prior to the first practice of the season.  However, these are uncertain times.  For example, our Club was able to offer substantial refunds in 2020 when our season was cancelled.  The Club provided the maximum refund possible based on costs already incurred during the season.

To participate with the Waynesville Lacrosse Club, players must reside in the Wayne Local School District.  For questions about eligibility, please reach our to our Club via email or Facebook.

Financial Assistance
The Waynesville Lacrosse Club does not want to make financial hardship a barrier to participation.  Please contact one of the Waynesville Lacrosse Club to confidentially discuss financial assistance (registration fees and/or equipment).

Payment Methods
The Club accepts payments via credit card through our website.

Registration Tips
If you have any problems with Registration, contact 

Make sure to bookmark our website and follow/like us on Facebook (  

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About US

Waynesville Lacrosse Club was established in 2018 to serve children Kindergarten through 12th grade. We are committed to providing a safe, kid-centered fun environment to participate in the sport of lacrosse and learn the valuable life lessons best taught through sports.